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MACsec for WAN vs. High-Assurance Encryptors: Network Security Comparisons

MACsec for WAN versus High-Assurance hardware encryptors.

A guide to encryption security for Ethernet WAN.

This paper provides an assessment of the pros and cons of MACsec for WAN versus high-assurance hardware encryption security solutions. It highlights the security and performance differences between the two solutions and provides links to independent third party reference materials.

High-assurance encryptors are secure by design. They are single-purpose appliances designed exclusively for maximum network security and performance. MACsec for WAN is the application of a LAN encryption security standard to network equipment that performs a multi-purpose function.

When considering a choice of encryption solutions for high-speed Ethernet WAN, security is typically the primary objective. When security cannot come at the expense of network or application performance, high-assurance hardware encryptors are the solution of choice.

References and notes

This Thales discussion paper is based on publicly available WAN security and MACsec for WAN information.

Specifically, it summarises the primary information published by independent (non-vendor) technical experts.

The following links are to sources of independent expert papers, webinars and podcasts about data network security, encryption solution types and high-assurance Carrier Ethernet encryption security solutions.

• Carrier Ethernet Network Security papers: 

• Ethernet Encryption Webinar: 

• Transport and Network Security Primer: 

• Independent network encryption security author, Christoph Jaggi: 


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