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AWS Observer Metadata-GSE Probe Installation and Deployment Guide

AWS Observer Apex Installation and Deployment Guide

The Challenge

As service architectures evolve to become more flexible, scalable, and capable of meeting end-user demands, hybrid IT deployments are becoming more prevalent. To maintain consistently high levels of performance, IT services must adapt. 

Furthermore, the migration of a growing number of applications from Data Centers to AWS adds to this challenge. 

Network Engineers, NetOps teams, and now Cloud Administrators must undertake the daunting task of gaining visibility into application traffic, assessing user experience, and addressing performance and security issues in these dynamic environments.

The Solution

The VIAVI Observer solution provides multi-faceted visibility into on-premises, AWS, and hybrid IT environments.

The Observer solution can ingest both packets and AWS VPC Flow Logs to improve visibility and facilitate efficient troubleshooting. 

The Observer suite of products enables NetOps, SecOps and AWS architecture teams to better understand and enhance the End-User Experience.

Observer GigaStor Virtual

GigaStor Virtual is now available in two types: GigaStor Cloud Edition (GCE) and GigaStor Software Edition (GSE).

GigaStor Virtual, Cloud Edition (GCE) is an AWS AMI and is tuned for AWS environments. 

Tuned specifically for easy deployment in AWS environments, GCE enables IT teams to maintain service visibility when moving applications to AWS.

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Observer GigaStor Cloud Edition 2.0Gbps

End User Experience analysis of AWS-deployed applications, packet capture and storage for forensic analysis

End User Experience analysis of AWS-deployed applications, packet capture and storage for forensic analysis

Enriched performance management and cyber network security insight via in-depth infrastructure tools, consumption of VPC Flows and automatic EC2 instances discovery. (데이터시트 다운로드)

Observer APEX

End User Experience analysis of AWS-deployed applications, packet capture and storage for forensic analysis 

Observer APEX

Based on the number of data sources, Apex is offered in 3-tiers to be monitored:

    - Tier 1 – Apex Standard: Available in a Cloud version (as an AWS AMI) and a Software edition

    - Tier 2 – Apex Workgroup: Form-factors include Hardware, Cloud version (as an AWS AMI) and a Software edition

    - Tier 3 – Apex Enterprise: Hardware appliance only

Observer GigaStor for AWS

Packet capture power in AWS. With access to real time and historical data for analysis, the Observer GigaStor now offers the same functionality and power you rely on in the Data Center by extending it to your AWS environment. 

The platform accelerates troubleshooting and reduces mean time to resolution for the operations team providing a faster and more efficient solution. Additionally, it offers comprehensive data intelligence for network troubleshooting, security forensics, and regulatory compliance.

Observer GigaFlow for AWS

Enriched Flow intelligence for NetOps and SecOps. GigaFlow provides user-focused insight for managing performance and security challenges by combining different data sets into a single enriched record. 

This provides in-depth details for security and performance analysis on applications and traffic patterns. 

GigaFlow polls the AWS S3 bucket to ingest both VPC Flow Log and EC2 information for the different regions.

Observer APEX for AWS

Centrally Managed End-User Experience, Performance and Security. 

The power of VIAVI Observer APEX is now available in AWS and offers comprehensive real-time visibility of critical applications hosted in AWS or on-premise in the Data Center. APEX provides a centralized platform to analyze and troubleshoot application performance issues utilizing our patented End-User Experience scoring. 

For network security, APEX helps investigate and document incidents of concern or confirmed security breaches by providing in-depth post event forensics. APEX can reside in AWS or on-premises in the Data Center.

The VIAVI Observer solution now allows NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps teams to efficiently analyze and troubleshoot services hosted on-premise, in AWS, or in a combined hybrid architecture.

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